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The people who make (or originally made) Vivace tick.

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Garry Neesam

Garry is the original Vivace Webmaster and is responsible for most of what you see on this site. He is also a founder member of the choir, particularly the bass section.

His interest in websites developed in the mid-90's when he experimented with several sites including a site about Hertfordshire Police, a Breastfeeding Site, a site about a leisure centre in London and Hertfordshire Libraries and Arts Department's first ever website.

Garry's interest in singing stemmed from the upper-sixth form at school when a teacher heard him singing in the sixth-form corridor and suggested an audition for the annual school musical, which, that year was "Oklahoma". Following a starring role as Jud Fry, someone else suggested he join the Hertfordshire County Youth Choir in which he remained until his youth passed him by at the age of 25 (sadly, the choir folded at that time, otherwise he might still be a member!).

Garry's musical interests span several centuries from early renaissance music right up to modern day close-harmony arrangements. He is a particular fan of small ensemble a capella groups and is the world's biggest fan of the King's Singers.

He was a founder member of the Hertfordshire Police Choir with which he sang for several years until children came along and time became sparse. Since restarting his singing career with Vivace, Garry has rejoined the Hertfordshire Police Choir.

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